Corey I am Corey Culberhouse, owner of Clean Cut Landscape Innovations. It is my pleasure to provide a high standard of service to our customers. Since 1991 I have had experience in commercial, public, and residential landscape technology, with jobs ranging in scope, from small residential, to large commercial, and on to public contracts. In 1994 I established Clean Cut Landscape Maintenance Services in Eugene, OR. Since that time the business has grown, gradually adding services and moving our base of operation to Roseburg, OR. We are an all phase landscape contractor, covering everything in the landscape including; maintenance, planting services, irrigation, construction/design, water features, hardscapes, low voltage lighting systems, and the construction of decks and fencing.

We have realized growth over the past years due to our attention to detail and fine tuning our technical process. Refining our process sets us apart from other landscape service providers. Clean Cut Landscape Innovations stays at the fore front of landscape technology, by continued education in agronomy and new product development from our distributors. 20 plus years in the trade has provided opportunity to use many products, we feel the current product line is the best in the industry. To keep your service a top standard, Clean Cut hires quality team members, provide training, and promote a culture of professionalism and accountability in the crews servicing your property.

You should not hire this company because of the beautiful green lawns we provide. Or for the impeccably clean, weed free flower beds. Or exacting the horticultural techniques that allow your landscape to shine. You should hire Clean Cut Landscape Innovations because you will get me. My promise to take care of your home as if it were my own. My work ethic. A work ethic passed down through generations of small business owners with integrity. A work ethic that has helped to build this great country and the free market we enjoy.

We are confident your hiring Clean Cut Landscape Innovations will be a positive, sustainable step toward refining your landscape and ultimately a superior product. The dollars you spend on landscape services, provide jobs, and helps to provide for families. Thank you for considering our company. I am looking forward to meeting you, and serving your landscape needs.

Thank you in advance for your business.